Your partner in international skilled workers

Our Approach

We bring skilled professionals and clients together in the construction, finishing and engineering industries!
Our skilled team of recruiters, job coaches, account managers and office staff works
hard to meet our goal: to make our clients and employees happy, every day.
We prize simplicity, deliver on our promises, and work quickly but carefully.
Experience our approach yourself.


Skilled employee

We work exclusively with skilled professionals who have sufficient work experience, speak English or German, and hold SCC (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) certification and appropriate qualifications.


Own tools

JJM employees are provided with high-quality tools suited to the type of work they will be doing.


Own vehicle

All JJM employees receive a JJM van or car so that they can drive to their place of work.


Quality accommodation

Our JJM employees are provided with good accommodation, in accordance with our sustainable approach and collaborative attitude.

Are you a true professional?

Would you like a great job that suits you well, pays a good salary, and with all the working arrangements taken care of on your behalf? For more than 15 years, JJM Personeel has had a solid reputation as a reliable partner in the area of employment services for international skilled workers. Our job coaches are there for you 24/7 and will ensure that you have everything you need to do your job well.

Long-term employment

Our professionals are our priority!

We provide you with your own job coach, decent accommodation, internet access, transport, tools and a good salary, all aimed at building a sustainable partnership.


Great clients with fantastic projects

Our clients come from the construction, finishing and engineering industries. They’re all well-known companies with ambitious projects. Are you a true professional?


Coming to work in the Netherlands is quite a challenge

We have established a good relationship with Poland and Romania, and our job coaches and recruiters speak your language. We’ll ensure you receive all the support you need to find your way and get settled in the Netherlands.

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Your new job?

JJM is always looking for people with solid qualities, experience and the desire to work on challenging projects.
A number of vacancies are listed below, but great professionals are always welcome, such as plasterers, masons,
plumbers, ventilation duct installers, prefab construction fitters and many more in the construction, finishing
and engineering industry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Heb jij ervaring met het maken van metal stud wanden? En het maken van strakke systeemplafonds? Reageer dan meteen.



If you have experience in constructing metal stud walls or installing flawless dropped ceilings, we’d like to hear from you!

Knipsel 4.JPG


If you’re good at working at heights and have scaffolding experience, you can get started right away! We have all the equipment and tools you’ll need.

Knipsel 3.JPG


If you have experience in independently installing sprinkler systems and ventilation ductwork from architectural drawings, your new job is waiting for you!

Satisfied clients