More than 15 years of dedication to flexible employment services

Our mission

Every day we invest our passion and enthusiasm in making both our clients and employees happy. We do this by taking a personal approach, and quickly but carefully placing the right skilled worker in the right job with the right client. The first step is to pay attention to our clients’ needs. We always deliver on our promises, and take the attitude that “a deal is a deal”. In addition, our job coaches are available 24/7 to assist our employees and ensure that they have everything they need. We believe strongly in sustainable partnerships, and work towards achieving them.

Our many years of experience have shaped who we are and how we approach our work, and we’re really proud of that!





Company vehicles


Hours per week


Items of equipment



Based in an attic room, we searched for our first 10 Polish employees to place with our first client.


The company has shown steady growth and now has 80 employees, mainly in construction and finishing.


The economic crisis has left its mark on the economy, but JJM continues to do well and now has 100 employees.


Considerable effort is invested in process improvements and accommodation quality. Growth continues unabated


New office, new design. There are now 155 employees.


Substantial investments are made in new accommodation, the vehicle fleet and the internal organisation.

The company currently has 176 employees.

Summer 2019

Thanks to the company’s growth plans, the decision is made to relocate the head office to larger premises next to the current office.