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Our latest news

JJM is constantly working on projects in the Netherlands. You can read all the latest JJM Personeel news here.

Beautiful new accommodation

Sustainable and pleasant living!

We’re now able to offer our employees wonderful accommodation at a new location set in beautiful surroundings in Brabant, among the grazing cows. Peace, space, and the ultimate in enjoyable living.

Carpenter shortage

Are you a carpenter?

In the past few months, we’ve received a lot of requests from clients and companies eager to find skilled carpenters. We employ a number already, but we are currently unable to satisfy the high demand. So if you’re a carpenter and you’re looking for a new challenge with an attractive salary and conditions, let us know...

New office

As of 1 September, we’ll be moving to Van Leeuwenhoekweg 6.

As of 1 September, we’ll be moving to Van Leeuwenhoekweg 6. We’re staying in Schijndel, and the new office is the building to the right of the current office. This will give us three times more space, enabling us to prepare for the future.

A fresh new look

And another new businesscard on the road

We’re rapidly expanding our fleet with new cars and vans. Our new house style and logo seem to be very popular, and we aim to bring our whole fleet up to date within a few months.

The beautiful Eindhoven

Challenging projects

JJM is working on the new Rabobank building in Eindhoven! So that’s absolutely a home game for us. We’re providing the complete interior finishing, working directly from the architectural drawings. Our skilled workers use their own professional tools, which means there’s no need for our clients to take arrange equipment. Naturally, JJM Personeel is not limited to the Brabant region; we work from Maastricht all the way to The Hague.

Using Technology

Block masonry with the crane

At JJM Personeel, we’re always keeping a close eye on developments in the market with a view to improving our services. In addition to metal stud construction, one of our new specialities is block masonry using a crane. This enables our employees to effortlessly lay 125 metres a day. JJM’s skilled professionals can also be relied upon for limestone block underlaying. Up to your eyeballs in work with no end in sight?

Contact JJM – we’ll be happy to help!

Brainport Eindhoven

A new JJM project!

JJM is working on another new project, and what a great project it is! In Eindhoven, a building formerly used by the Technical University is being converted and made suitable for 430 student residences. JJM’s skilled professionals are responsible for placing the walls. Eindhoven the smartest!

The construction industry holiday is almost here!

Construction sites busier than ever

The construction industry holiday is almost upon us, and work is proceeding at full pace. At the moment, we have 10 new employees starting each week at JJM to enable our clients to complete all their work on time. And the busiest month of the year is yet to start... September.